Become a master builder while playing

A Mini-Pop-up-Do-it-yourself-exhibition, on the occasion of "Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften" (the long night of science) in the metropolitan area of Nuremberg.

How to offer the biggest fun for girls and bys, fathers and mothers, engineers and amateurs?
And how to make it meaningful?

In cooperation with Berndt Richter (ligeolus Eventbau) and prof. Niels Oberbeck (Ohm university Nuremberg, department of civil engineering) we developed a course of eight experiments related to building. Motto: Master builder while playing. The building site, though scheduled for the children's programme, had to be closed only at midnight.

You can hire this exhibition.

Time for erection: 5 hours
Surface: ca. 60 m2
Budget: < 10 k EUR

Researchers' forge

experimenta, Heilbronn, November 2013

Experimenta (the Science Centre of the Heilbronn-Franken Region)uses the concept of so called "forges of talent" as a unique selling point. Young people are invited to test their abilities in different prepared surroundings and get first hints for their choice of a professional career.
The researchers' forge mixes collections of objects from nature and technology with an inspiring atmosphere. There is a cloud cinema as well as a High speed camera: fantasy mingles with science, Harry Potter meets the mad professor…

Surface : 45m2
Budget: 80 k EUR

Manufacturing: Berndt Richter / Ligneolus Eventbau, Nürnberg

ICH KANN! – The book of making things yourself

Ideas are not a luxury - everyone has that. With this motto in April 2011 opened the "temporary museum of creativity" for exactly two weeks its glass doors and become a reference source for experimental people of all ages from the region, and a place of trying out new old (creative) techniques

Now the documentation is published, “The Book of the making things yourself!”. It approaches the temporary Museum of creativity from the cookbook perspective of making, which always includes the perspective of repeating and going on.
(Excerpt from the intro)

Layout: Katrin Geiss
Supported by: Kulturförderung Erlangen

download of the book: http://www.ichkann.org/galerie/


The temporary Museum of Creativity, Erlangen, April 2011

Curiosity fosters enterprise. New tools make for different products. And Do-it-yourself now is spelled Do-it-with-others!

During a fortnight, in April 2011 the inhabitants of the Nuremberg metropolitan region were invited to test their individual design ideas using 3d-plotters, lasercutters, transfer-presses, laptops, sewing machines, and paints, building blocks and flying objects. This is how the temporary museum of creativity saw the light of day. It is nor museum or science centre, nor fab-lab or hands-on exhibition – it is simply in the air.
We are amongst the happy ones to have initiated ICH KANN! – and are looking forward to new ventures in the interspace.

Initiative ICH KANN!:
Markus Edgar Hormeß, Jochen Hunger, Michael Niqué, Katarina Poetzsch-Meinhardt, Berndt Richter and Frank Seiferlein

Lara Dade, Moira Drexler, Mona Graafmann, Sophia Herold, Carolin Hofer, Matthias Kutsch, Constanze Mareike, Hanna Oberle, Friederike Rasper, Claudia Schnupp, Britta Speer, Markus Stoll

Budget: 55 k EUR (13 TEUR public funding, the rest private & personal sponsoring)
Surface: 380 m2

Museum? Science Center? Fab Lab?

ICH KANN! Will be presented at Forum Wissenschaftskommunikation, 6.-8. december 2011, Cologne

Open Lab

ICH KANN! participates at „Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften Nürnberg-Fürth-Erlangen“, saturday 22.10.2011, 6-1 p.m.


"Beerba", Bar-Restaurant in Turin, 2005

The different varieties of beer and its many colours were the inspiration for the design of a bar-restaurant in Turin. That reflects the ever-growing popularity of this beverage in the south of Europe. 160 guests at one time are invited to discover the diversity of beer with all of their senses. There are video-windows showing a meditation an what one can see in a glass of beer, and a collection of artists‘ sculptures made of beer cans and bottles – we are sure that the time of waiting for the next glass will pass quickly.

Drachlingen, the fairy-tale castle

City of a 1000 Adventures, Stuttgart-Sindelfingen, June 2008

In the summer of 2007 we were asked by investor Alexander Schreibeisen jr. if we could realize the planned fairy-tale castle for “Sensapolis”, the first indoor attraction combining sports, fun, fantasy and science. A rare and appealing opportunity to take a walk to the borders of imagination. In a team of ten we designed throne hall, bibliothèque (with flying books), ballroom (with interactive dancers) and an interactive Portrait gallery, because we found that Drachlingen Castle should have its Royals... Meanwhile, they’re on the internet and soon the diary of Princess Livia will go in print.

Budget: 1,2 MIO EUR
Surface: 1100 m²

AUDI 2003

AUDI Pavilion Autostadt – re-attraction, Wolfsburg, 2003

1,5 million people had already seen François Confino’s Audi Pavilion in 2002, when Audi decided to adapt the experience of visitors of the Audi Pavilion in Volkswagen’s brandland to the dynamically evolving image of the brand. The already once successful team, this time under the eyes of Audi’s chief designer Walter da' Silva, revive the exhibition area touching two thirds of the total 2.100 sq.m. and convert their ideas into reality taking only 27 days for construction on site. The total budget is 2 million EUR.

Hotel Drei Raben

Hotel Three Raven, Nuremberg, 2000

Emperor Barbarossa, Eppelein (a local robbing knight with an extraordinarily gifted horse), the first railway line of Germany and the legendary football teams of 1.FCN – among the myths of the city of Nuremberg, Jochen Hunger had a rich choice of themes for the redesign of “Drei Raben” (Three Raven), a charming hotel situated just at the entrance to the medieval centre of the city.
The choice was to bring the reddish sandstone which is so characteristic for the famous Castle of Nuremberg right into the guests’ rooms. The boundary between bathroom and bed becomes blurred, and despite some rough surfaces there is much cosiness thanks to an array of warm colours used.

AUDI 2000

AUDI Pavillon Autostadt, Wolfsburg, 2000

In 1998 Jochen Hunger joins french scenographer François Confino to conceive and carry out Audi’s brand pavilion in Volkswagen’s brandland "Autostadt", in Wolfsburg / Germany.
On a total surface of 2.100 sq.m. the pavilion shows the genuine style of Audi which has for that purpose been transformed to the loft-like home of an idealized couple of Audi enthousiasts. TIME magazine estimates it to be the best of the six brand pavilions in Autostadt, and 1 million visitors a year convince themselves of this judgement. The total budget for the turnkey project is 5 million EUR (architecture not included).

Time Magazine: "...just down the autobahn in Wolfsburg, Germany, Volkswagen has built a theme park that is drawing twice as many visitors as expected. Conceived as a place for VW customers to pick up their new cars ...it quickly grew into the EuroDisney of the automobile. The most popular attraction: The AUDI Pavilion, the home of a typical Audi-owning couple, complete with big screen TV showing AUDI ads."

DC auf der Expo 2000

DaimlerChrysler LAB.01, Tour in Europe / Hanover 1999 – 2000

In 1997 I had the chance to become a member of the team that shaped the contribution of DaimlerChrysler to EXPO 2000 in Hanover. As a messenger of the world exhibition, LAB.01 travelled, between July 1999 and April 2000, through seven big cities in Europe offering sophisticated but also funny man-machine interfaces, mainly aimed at kids and young people. The two storey building radiated the spirit of discovery and orientated itself materialwise towards the protecting shelters of expeditions. The overall budget was around 8 million EUR, without travelling costs.