Creation and Experience Galerie

Liaoning Science and Technology Museum, Shenyang, Liaoning/China, 2012-14

"Creation and Experience" – the arc of this expansive exhibition spans from the fire and the roots of civilization to the technical and social challenges of today. The gallery consists of 136 interactive exhibits embedded in an atmospheric setwork and is part of a new museum complex in the northern Chinese city of Shenyang.

Together with Hüttinger in Schwaig who acted as contractor, we developed the concept for a museum gallery for the Liaoning Science and Technology Museum in Shenyang, which opened in 2014. The Chinese clients put a strong emphasis on sustainable technologies for energy production and on environmental technology (house of the future). Dimension: approx. 4,000 m²

Dimension: approx. 4.000 m²
Design: Jens Bendig, Jörg Hoffmann Jochen Hunger, Britta Speer, Holger Sturm