Think Tank Children's Museum

ThinkTank in the Children's Museum Nuremberg, 2018

The Childrens’ Museum in Nuremberg commissioned an element that would act as a bridge between the living environment of the visitors and the core of its own agenda: raising awareness for natural cycles.

The wished-for “think tank” became a “think-with-your-hands-tank” while we developed it. While dismantling computers, watching the decomposition of matter behind glass and playing pinball machines with open or closed ball-runs the understanding proverbially grows under the fingers.

Guideline for implementation:

  • - an open, sturdy character
  • - flexibility of elements
  • - short texts, or none at all (if possible)
  • - constructivist approach towards experiences
  • - do-it-yourself


Client: Kinder- und Jugendmuseum Nürnberg; Reinhild Zehnder, Yvonne Richter

Design: Thomas Geiss, Jochen Hunger, Britta Speer

Graphics: Sandra Di Maria

Implementation: Berndt Richter Ligneolus

Photography: Daniel Schäfer