Slowenian Museum of Natural History

Museum of Natural History, Ljubljana, 2010 Competition entry, 2nd prize (a first prize was not attributed)

In the July of 2010 the Slowenian Museum of Natural History called out an open competition. The aim was to find a forward-looking exhibition concept for the planned new building near the Botanical Gardens of Ljubljana. The search was oriented towards unconventional and efficient solutions using both classical and contemporary exhibition techniques. We teamed up with Hüttinger (Schwaig) and developed a proposal comprising not only memorable sceneries for the different departments but also, under the name of expert zone, space for a new type of interaction: Visitors and scientists may come in contact with each other. Walkable depots full of specimen and open labs equipped with gear for different types of analyses serve as inspiring backdrop for such personal encounters. The museum finally presents its formerly hidden side to the public.