Stadt – Jugend – Stil

City - Youth - Style, Life Reform and Art Nouveau in Wiesbaden; 2019

The period around 1900 was full of technological, social and aesthetic-artistic upheavals. For the exhibition, we use selected exhibits and colored, luminous walls with striking statements to make the variety and the power of this revolution palpable. At first glance, the intense colors and the suggestion of the contemporary photos are effective; when viewed from close up, the variety of local references opens up.

Stereo-photo viewers open the spatial view into another time, and an App, with which visitors can produce own Jugendstil patterns, make the recent history accessible also to school children.


Client: Sabine Philipp, Vera Klewitz; Stiftung Stadtmeuseum Wiesbaden

Design: Jochen Hunger, Britta Speer

Graphics: Sandra Di Maria

App: Roccas GmbH

Setwork: Die Objektschreiner, Nuremberg; Berndt Richter