What do you believe (in)?

Travelling exhibition, Protestant Church of Württemberg, 2017

Human emotions like anger, fear, courage and joy are at the base of this travelling exhibition on a surface of 120 m2. It builds bridges from the life-world of adolescents to the core of Christianity and Islam. Besides offering historical facts the focal point of the exhibition is on the similarities of both religions.

The client had asked for a modular concept and light-weight construction system, we used cardboard honeycomb panels, printed on directly. Two persons can handle the setup in two hours, and everything fits into a box van. Starting in the Reformation year 2017 the exhibition tours the German-speaking world successfully ever since.

Idea: Frank Zeeb, Susanne Claußen

Realisation: Susanne Claußen (content), Berndt Richter (set), Sandra Di Maria (graphic design), Britta Speer and Jochen Hunger exhibition design)