bibliorama - the museum of the bible stuttgart

bibliorama, 2015, Stuttgart

The bibliorama is a museum without a collection and without almost any classical cabinets. Instead, there is plenty of interaction and of occasion to send own creations, e.g. the musical rendering of a psalm, to social networks. The visitors themselves become actors and enter the stage, on eye level with 15 protagonists from the bible. This opens a low-threshold access to the “book of books”.

We won the competition proposing to break open the urban paving and to have bibliorama’s narration start outside, on the street. Two new gardens designed according to the 3-zone principle of gardening pioneer Markus Gastl continue to improve the climate in the city and contribute to biodiversity.

The design of bibliorama aims at making accessible the sheer wealth of the bible (3000 years of making, about 3200 persons listed) to people living nowadays. By means of reduction, by emphasizing the particular in typography as well as in use of forms, and by downright casting the main characters, surprising and intense encounters can occur.

The bibliorama is one of the most barrier-free museums around: Touching things is clearly favoured, listening posts and playful interactive exhibits provide diverse ways to access, the passage is accessible for wheelchairs and besides tactile scale-models there is a printed guide in Braille available.

The ornamented façade with motifs of plants and animals draws attention towards the museum and makes the case for a visit.

Surface: 600 m² (including gardens)

Inauguration: 2015

Client : Protestant Church of Württemberg

Content: Susanne Claussen, Wiesbaden

Architecture : dk Architekten, Axel Dorner und Elmar König, Stuttgart

Exhibition design: Jochen Hunger, Britta Speer, Kristina Zimmermann, Erlangen / Nuremberg

Graphic design: Sandra Di Maria, Erlangen

Infographics: 2kilo, Hansjakob Fehr, Dorothee Wettstein, Böckten (CH)

Apps: Roccas GmbH, Nürnberg; humatic GmbH, Berlin

Set construction: Ligneolus GmbH, Berndt Richter, Nürnberg

Light: Christian Breil, Lüdenscheid

Garden: Markus Gastl, Herrieden

Artistic Direction: Jochen Hunger, Erlangen

Photography: Daniel Schäfer, München